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Picture day setup


We've gone paperless! This makes it so easy and stress free. We have digital resources available for you to inform parents about picture day dates and schedules. 

We will need about an 8' X 12' area for our indoor setup. This includes the backdrop, lights, and props. If you choose outside is better we don't need as big of an area. The studio setup will be taken down at the end of the sessions. In the case that we will be photographing multiple days, it is preferred to leave the studio equipment at the school until all students have had their pictures taken. 

we like to use a more neutral backdrop to accomodate different outfits. to add some spice, we will get creative with props like books, desks, chairs, rugs, signs, etc. 

Prints & Products 

As a JDS school, you get access to professionally printed albums, books, canvases, prints and more through yur online gallery!

Don't let your photos live on your phone!

All of our prints and products are high quality, durable and will last yu year and years to come. It is so different to physically hold your photos in yur hand. With an album, prints or wall art, you can bring the best day ever back to life!

Canvases Start at $60
Albums Start at $300
Books Start at $200

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Family Pack 1

Large Family Pack

Pack of 2 High Resolution Downloads - $21

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Family Pack 2

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1 - 8 Wallets
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1 - 8X10
1 - 4X5 Magnet

4 - 4X6"
2 - 5X7
2 - 8X10
1 - High Resolution Download

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Make picture day the best day of the year

Jessica Dawn Studios is committed to creating the best picture day ever for you, families and the kids! We are ready to provide your school with seamless picture day from start to finish. Please fill out the contact form and Jessica Dawn Studios will be in touch with you soon! We can't wait to serve your students, families, and staff. 

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