The Arctic Fox Boudoir


By Jessica Dawn Studios

Let's find out!

I am introvert. I don't usually share a lot of myself with people. Weird, I know! Yet I don't believe that makes me any less worthy or fierce! I love seeing other people happy and enjoying all that life has to offer. I always have a smile on my face. I am your cheerleader and will help you reconnect with your inner fox. I will cheer for you as you achieve your goal. But most importantly, I will do my best to make sure you're boudoir session is the best experience ever-just like you planned! AND I'll get your good side while I do too! :)

If you're looking for a photographer or videographer who is in love with everything bright and fun, and you want a fun experience with a soon-to-be new friend, I just might be the right fit for you!

Ask yourself this question:

Is Jessica Dawn Studios the right photographer or videographer for me?

A woman should be two things: who and waht she wants. - coco chanel
There is a lot that goes into your day! From the never ending laundry and dishes to the big events you plan and the people you serve. You've been through hard times, and sometimes we lose a little spark along the way. But you are FIERCE

"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear"

Sounds great! Let's meet!

You have a story.
And i'm here to help you tell it!

Welcome fierce fox!


The Arctic Fox Boudoir

I can't wait to meet you and learn more about who you are! Before we get any further, let's meet up! I want to hear about you and your story! What your dream is for your boudoir session and  see if I'm a good fit for you. 

Step one

Let's Chat

If you and I both decide we are a good fit, I'll send over a contract with a retainer to secure your date for your session. After the retainer is paid, your date is locked in! Don't miss out!

Step two

Make It official

EEEEK! Your boudoir session is fast approaching! A week before your session, I'll send you an email to talk about logistics and details for your day. This helps me to better understand your dream for your day with what clothing to wear, makeup and hair details, prep list for you and lots more. 

Step three

Pre-session details

Today is THE day! Everything is just perfectly planned and your job is to soak it all in! You've waited and worked so hard for this to all come true! SOAK IT UP! I will guide you through the session and capture it all. From details to the full picture to even fun ones at the end!  I can't wait to celebrate you fierce fox!

Step four

Boudoir day!

You're session was so fun and sexy and I CANNOT wait to share these photos and videos with you! Watch social media and your email to see the link for your online gallery SNEAK PEEK! These sneak peek photos will be delivered about one week after your session date.

Step five

Sneak Peeks!

Your full boudoir session gallery will contain around 20-45 edited photos from your session. You can expect the gallery about 2 - 3 weeks after your session. These edited photos will not be watermarked and you can download them, share them on social media, and print them straight from the online gallery through our professional lab. 

Step Six

Gallery Deliveryy

You've received full gallery of pictures and videos, we will begin the album designing, if you purchased an album. (There is a 'moving' album for videos too!) I'll help you choose the cover and your favorite pictures for the perfect heirloom! You can give this album to a significant other or keep it for you to remember how fierce you are doing those hard times we all have. 

Step seven

Album Design








Take me to the boudoir gallery

Prints & Products 

I love to offer my Fierce foxes special access to professionally printed photos, albums, bookks, canvases, and other products.

Don't you ever forget how fierce you are!!

All of our products are high quality, durable and will become your favorite! I want you to always remember how you felt during your session. and it feels so different to hold your special moments in your hands. Don't ever forget that you are brave, strong, and beautiful!

Prints start at $5
Canvases Start at $60
Albums Start at $300
Books Start at $200

You deserve it! ;)


The Arctic Fox Boudoir

Don't worry about whether you want video or photos or both! This packages gives you the best of both with a 90 minute session.

Hair & Makeup

Since my goal is to help you remember how fierce you are, I make sure to have one of my trusty side kicks and professional makeup and hair artists to get you feeling and looking your best. 


Online Gallery

Photo & Video Coverage

You deserve the to be pampered! My goal is to give you a stress-free day that is focused around you feeling your very best. One way to keep it stress-free for you when it comes to photography and videography, I only offer two packages per service and one package for combined photography and videography. This makes sure I give you want you deserve!

The Most popular Arctic Fox Photography and videography package Includes:

I only offer Two packages for photography and two packages for Videography and one package for both!

Box, Little black book & USB


Hello, Friend!

personal Assistance

Travel is included in your package up to 120 miles roundtrip outside of zip code 82930. After that, each mile is $0.50 per mile or flight tickets and hotels will be added into the package quote.

I send you a print release that allows you to download, share, and print your photos wherever you'd like with general limitations. If you want professional prints, I offer those through your online gallery.

Goal: STRESS FREE!! You and I will talk about what your vision is for your session. From the details to the overall vibe. I'll help you chose the best outfits for your body type. Even down to props, decor, and music! I'll coach you through poses to help you tap into your inner fox.

HELLO THERE!! It's me, Your new best friend and cheerleader! As your photographer/videographer, I get to capture who you are and give it back to you. Boudoir is intimate and can be a little nerve-wracking, we are gonna get to know each other pretty quickly and I consider my foxes friends after all the time we get to be together. 

I've carefully gone through all of the footage and chosen the best ones! All of the edited photos and videos will be delivered to you in a password protected online gallery. They are not watermarked and can be downloaded, shared and printed. 

Sometimes technology fails us and I don't want you to lose your photos or videos. A keepsake box with a USB will be sent to you! The entire online gallery will be on your USB. You're "little black book" (album) is in your keepsake box too!

Print Release

I don't want you to forget how you felt at your session, the Arctic Fox Experience comes with a t-shirt you can wear anytime you want to remind yourself you are brave, beautiful, fierce fox. 


All services and products are subject to a 4.00% Tax

The Arctic Fox Boudoir Experience: 

I AM fierce! Send me To the contact form!

Become a Vixen!

Want to earn your session for free?

I want to learn more!


I can't wait to get you your photo! You can expect your full edited gallery 2 - 3 weeks after the session date. Video: 5-7 weeks after your session. 

What is boudoir photography?

In french, boudoir means woman's dressing room. Generally people know it as photographs of women in their lingerie. But to me, boudoir is not about the photos in lingerie. It's about a woman feeling confident no matter what she wears!! Some don't even wear lingerie! They wear oversized sweaters or their husband's button-down shirts. It's about you sis!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a little problem are that I don't like about my body - is there anything you can do?

Do you have back up gear? Are our photos safe?

How many images will I get?

What if I don't love my photos?

Have another question? feel free to email me at
Please bring questions to your meeting with me too!

*All packages, sessions and products are subject to sales tax and quotes are not guaranteed until retainer has been paid. 

Payments are done in a three payment process. A 33.3% retainer is due at time of signing the contract. Second 33.3% is due 2 months before the boudoir session date and the remainder is required 3 weeks before the boudoir session date. Late payments will have a late fee applied to the final payment and will not get products or photos delivered until completed. 

The FINE Print

Me too girl! All of my foxes have pointed out something they don't like about their body. Don't worry. I'll coach you through posing to get a beautiful shape and angle. I am a firm believer that every'body' is beautiful and none of us are supposed to look the same or a "certain" way. I want to celebrate you!

I am so afraid of one of my cameras dying during a session!! (INSERT HEARTATTACK!) Don't worry! I have extra camera bodies and shoot on multiple SD card in case one decides to go crazy. I back up the cards so I don't lose what I shot either.

I carefully sort through all of the pictures and videos taken to give you the very best. This usually ends up being around 35-60 Edited photos from your session. 

I will be sad if you don't but that's ok! I never offer refunds but I am happy to do a re-shoot for you with hair and makeup at your own expense. It hasn't happened, but it's a goal of mine to have your experience be worth-while!

How long does it take to get our photos/Videos?

Does my session include a "sexy black book"?

Our most popular experience does include a little black book with your favorite edited photos from your session. There is also a moving album for your video too! If you chose an experience that doesn't have one included, we can add it to your order! Prices vary depending on size, album cover, page numbers and other details. 

Can I fly you to where I am?

Yes, please! More than likely there are studios around your area we can use for your session. Travel up to 120 miles total is included in my Arctic Fox boudoir experience. Anything outside of that is subject to a $.50/mile charge. Or a ticket cost. 

Do i need to sign a model release?

Yes, I will go over the details at our meeting and also before the session starts. It gives me permission to shoot your photos. But don't stress! I completely respect if you wish you keep your photos private! I will not share any videos or portraits from your session if you don't want me to. 

Do you photograph all shapes, sizes and ages?

Definitely! I photograph women of all shapes and sizes of all ages (21+) and from all walks of life! Something I hear a lot of is: "I feel I need to lose a few pounds before I do a shoot." NO! It's not about how you look, it's about how you fell about yourself! That's why I do boudoir! You are fierce! You are normal and beautiful!

What if I don't want lingerie shots? 

This session is your experience. There are ways to get beautiful and even sexy photos with clothing options. You can use a oversized sweater or even a significant other's button-down shirt. It's up to you!

Do you shoot nude images?

Kinda, some shots are topless and illusion of nudity. So you can be naked but you don't actually see any nakedness. It's an illusion to create that sexiness. 

Can I post my photos online?

Yes, please! That makes me feel so good! It tells me you love your photos enough to share them with the world. I ask that you don't use filters or do any other edits on them and please credit vendors. 

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